Scleral Lens

Scleral Contact Lens Fitting

At Collins Vision Care, in partnership with Visionary Optics, we now have the most advanced technology to accurately fit patients with Keratoconus and high prescriptions. The revolutionary sMap3D allows us to measure up to 1 million points within an accuracy of 10 microns to design a custom fit lens that precisely matches every bump on your eye! This results in the most clear and comfortable vision that you've ever had. Imagine what you can do with clear vision. With better eyesight you could perform better at sports, accomplish more at work, read faster and more accurately, and drive at night with confidence.

Even if you couldn't wear contact lenses before, or if you need a bifocal prescription, ask about the revolutionary new sMap3D. It's like having the best fitting suit made from a body scan!

Scleral Contact Lens Fitting
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Your scleral lenses made from the sMap3D will offer:

  • Comfort

  • Hydration

  • Sharp Vision

  • They are made JUST FOR YOU

Look good, feel great, and see clearly with comfortable scleral contact lenses from Collins Vision Care. We have successfully improved the lives of many of our patients with scleral lenses, and we can do the same for you too!

Experience and Support

Dr. Ross Collins brings over 15 years of experience with scleral lens fittings. He has partnered with Visionary Optics, who has created the sMap3D technology with the goal of offering Doctors of Optometry the ability to customize and order scleral lenses that are designed for each patient's specific eye shape. Dr. Collins is excited to be offering their revolutionary and innovative scleral lens designs. Experience combined with the latest in technology counts!